Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Web Sites and Home Pages

Pulling it all together to make eye-popping web sites and home pages
This is the big payoff. Bring together all you've learned and mix in more new techniques to build these exciting and practical home pages and sites. In this tutorial you get a real-world sense of how to use what you know to design eye-popping, useful Web pages with that Wow quality that will keep viewers coming back for more. By the time you've finished this tutorial, you'll be confident that you've mastered the graphic techniques, tips, and tricks you need to make some of the best-looking sites on the Web.

In this tutorial:
  1. Web Site and Home Pages
  2. Getting in the Game
  3. Showing Off
  4. Getting Serious
  5. Create Game Site
  6. Applying Patterns to Web Graphics
  7. Web Pattern Recipes
  8. Gallery Site with Viewer Feedback
  9. Adding File Information to Images
  10. Customizing a Web Photo Gallery
  11. Portfolio Site
  12. Information Site
  13. Flash Splash Page

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