Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adding Duotone Tinting to Images

Duotone tinting is where images use only two colors, such as two shades of blue. The images in our Bing_titlebar.psd file are perfect candidates for a duotone effect. Perform the following steps to add duotone to this image:

  1. Select the Bing_titlebar.psd image. Merge all visible layers together by pressing Shift+Ctrl+E.

  2. Create a new layer in this image. You can call this new layer duotone.

  3. Double-click on the Foreground color. The Color Picker dialog box displays.

  4. Enter an RGB color of 13, 31, 124, then press OK.

  5. Select the Paint Bucket tool. Select the duotone layer, then click within your image. The entire image should fill with your blue color, as shown in figure below.

  6. In the duotone layer, change the Blending Mode drop-down field from Normal to Color, as shown in figure below.

  7. Notice your image now has a blue duotone tint to it, displayed in figure below. However, it looks a little dark. Let’s lighten it up a bit.

  8. You can lessen the duotone effect by clicking on your first layer (not the duotone layer), and then selecting ImageAdjustmentsDesaturate. This removes color from your image, resulting in a lightened effect, as shown in figure below.

  9. We don’t need this entire image, though. First, merge all visible areas of this image by pressing Shift+Ctrl+E.

  10. Select the Elliptical Marquee tool. In the options bar, change Feather to 50 px. Then, draw an elliptical selection around your image, as shown in figure below.

  11. From the menu bar, choose SelectInverse. Then hit the Delete key. Your screen should look like figure below.

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