Thursday, July 29, 2010

Creating a Logo

Not all logos have to be fancy, graphical images. Sometimes, applying different styles to the company name is enough. The group at Jackson Steel Company isn’t too receptive to flowery, graphical images filling their site. Let’s just play it safe and make a logo using text only.
  1. In the same image, create a new layer. Call this new layer logo.
  2. Double-click the foreground color. The Color Picker dialog box displays. Define your RGB as 0, 0, 0. Then click OK.
  3. Select WindowCharacter from the menu bar. The Character palette displays.
  4. Define the following in the Character palette, as shown in figure below:
    • Font Family: Impact
    • Font Size: 24 pt
    • Leading: (Auto)
    • Tracking: 25
    • Vertically Scale: 100%
    • Horizontally Scale: 100%
    • Baseline Shift: 0 pt
    • Color: RGB = 0, 0, 05. In the options bar, select the Right align text icon.

  5. Make sure you’re in the logo layer. Then, type Jackson Steel Company at the top of the navigation bar. Your screen should look similar to figure below.

  6. Right-click on the logo layer. A submenu displays. Select Blending Options from the submenu. The Layer Style dialog box displays.
  7. Select the Styles option and then select the right-facing arrow. A submenu displays. Select the Text Effects 2 style, as shown in figure below.

    A message box displays, asking if you wish to replace the current style with the Text Effects 2 style. Press OK to accept this new style.

  8. Select the Dented Thin Aluminum style from the Text Effects 2 options, then click OK. Your screen should look like figure below.

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  1. I applaud your tutorial .. Logo creation is a very important job .