Friday, July 30, 2010

Designing a “Modern” Web Page Style

The style and flavor of what’s popular in web design is constantly in flux. A couple years ago, people loved flowery graphical imagery, such as realistic textures, beveling, and shadows.

Many sites today are using sans-serif fonts, mono or duo-colored areas, text saved as pictures, and objects that don’t cast shadows in place of flowery graphical pages.

This modern style has become more and more popular these days, with information arranged into neatly aligned tables. This tutorial explores creating a modern styled web page.

In this tutorial:
  1. Designing a Modern Web Page Style
  2. The Simeon Software Group
  3. Creating the Navigation Bar Layer
  4. Creating a Watermark Layer
  5. Adding Menus to the Navigational Bar
  6. Creating Colored Menu Selections
  7. Adding Photos to Your Web Page
  8. Editing your Web Page in Dreamweaver 
  9. Creating Background Images
  10. Silver and Backgrounds


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