Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Navigation Bar/Title Bar Style

A common website style you’ll see businesses use is one that contains a left navigation pane and a top title pane. You may have heard the term “frame” from some of your web design buddies, but when I say pane, I don’t mean frame.

Frames are a method to pull multiple web pages to show at once. You can create web pages that use frames in your web editor (Dreamweaver has some frame templates) or by typing the code in HTML.
Heed this warning: Don’t use frames in your web pages. At best, they look amateurish. At worst, they can cause parts of your web page to not display.

Splitting web pages into frames causes a multitude of problems. You can’t bookmark or easily print framed pages. And if a user enters your site without going through the main page, the frames don’t appear at all.

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