Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pulling a Web Page Together

So far, you’ve familiarized yourself with various elements of web design. You’ve also learned key areas of Photoshop as you prepared images and shapes for your web pages.
Unfortunately, pulling all the pieces of a web page together in Photoshop is not the final step. Surely you’ll want to add text to your web page - text that you can change quickly. You may even want to add some cool effects such as buttons that change when you roll your mouse over them (better known as rollover effects).

In this tutorial:
  1. Pulling a Web Page Together
  2. Defining the Web Page
  3. Adding a Water to your Images
  4. Adding a Duotone Tinting to Images
  5. Pulling your images together onto one web page
  6. Slicing your web images

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