Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Moving Things Along with Unusual, Exciting Animation Projects for the Web.

In this chapter we offer you fresh ideas and techniques for making effective, tasteful animations for the Web, each of which has a special Wow factor. Some of these projects begin in Photoshop, but all end up in ImageReady. That's because currently all the animation capabilities of Adobe's graphics duo are concentrated in ImageReady. You can go to Photoshop to make the artwork for animations, but you'll rely on ImageReady to make your animations go.

In this tutorial:
  1. Animation
  2. These are not your father's gifts
  3. Flashy Format 
  4. Radar Screen Animation 
  5. Animation Warped Text 
  6. Bringing a Picture to Life
  7. Animated Slide Show
  8. Rollover Triggered Animation
  9. Image Map Triggered Animation
  10. Layer Mask Animation 
  11. Vector Based Flash Movie 
  12. Animating a Layer Style 
  13. Changing Layer Properties in Animation 

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