Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mini Bridge

For those of you who love the power of Adobe Bridge, but don’t like to exit Photoshop, you can now take advantage of Mini Bridge. Mini Bridge is essentially a scaled down version of Adobe Bridge. Much of the same functionality is in Mini Bridge, in fact you can not only organize your files, but perform other tasks such as batch actions and more.

You can access Mini Bridge by clicking on the Mini Bridge button in the Application Bar, or choosing File > Browse in Mini Bridge, you can easily view and organize your files without exiting Photoshop. Some of the other tasks that you can take advantage of in Mini Bridge are as follows:
By simply clicking on Search in the upper-right of the Mini Bridge panel, you can take advantage of the Spotlight Search icon. Once you initiate the search you can change the search criteria from the Search drop-down menu.
Sort and rate items in the Content window by using the icons directly above the Content pane.

Place files directly into Photoshop, or use other tools, such as Batch Actions.

In addition to taking advantage of the typical Adobe Bridge capabilities such as viewing recent files, and previewing, you can easily hop to the full version of Adobe Bridge by clicking on the Launch Bridge button in the upper right of the Mini Bridge panel.

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