Monday, August 2, 2010


With the basics under your belt, you're ready to tackle rollovers. Rollovers and other interactive graphics are what make the Web special. Rollovers actively involve your audience with your site and offer dynamic information about site content and structure. In this chapter's fourth project, Rollover Navigation, you make JavaScript-powered rollover buttons without the hassle of hands-on programming. The next project, Pointers and Remote Rollovers, cranks things up a notch. Here you learn to make rollovers that trigger a remote event elsewhere on the page, applying that technique to create a stylish navigation bar with mobile pointers.

In this tutorial:
  1. Creating Stylish, User-Friendly Navigation
  2. Critical Skills
  3. Rollovers
  4. Image Maps 
  5. Starting New File for Web 
  6. Building Navigation Bar 
  7. JPEG Optimization Settings 
  8. GIF Optimization Settings
  9. Slicing and Optimizing Navigation Bar
  10. Slice Options
  11. Transparent Buttons 
  12. Rollover Navigation 
  13. Pointers and Remote Rollovers 
  14. Image Map Navigation 

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