Monday, August 2, 2010

Creating Stylish, User-Friendly Navigation

Navigation is the most important graphic element in a Web site. The navigation system is the engine that drives a viewer through a site and the road map the viewer uses to explore the site. A good navigation scheme is one that is both easy to find on every page and easy to use. It communicates clearly and simply where the viewer is in the site, where she can go from that point, and how to get there.

Graphics play a pivotal role in making navigation successful. Meaningful navigation icons, like symbols on a map, guide the viewer in the search for content. Rollovers offer visual clues to the presence and location of navigation. Button size and color can communicate the importance of particular information in the site hierarchy.

The look of a navigation scheme can pack a visual punch that contributes to your site's Wow quotient. This tutorial walks you through a variety of recipes for creating visually exciting graphics that support and enhance navigation.

In this tutorial:
  1. Creating Stylish, User-Friendly Navigation
  2. Critical Skills
  3. Rollovers
  4. Image Maps 
  5. Starting New File for Web 
  6. Building Navigation Bar 
  7. JPEG Optimization Settings 
  8. GIF Optimization Settings
  9. Slicing and Optimizing Navigation Bar
  10. Slice Options
  11. Transparent Buttons 
  12. Rollover Navigation 
  13. Pointers and Remote Rollovers 
  14. Image Map Navigation 

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