Monday, August 2, 2010

Slice Options

These settings impact how the contents of a selected slice appear in a Web browser. Use them only if you plan to save an HTML file with your slices. To access these settings, choose the Slice Select tool and select a slice. In Photoshop open the Slice Options dialog box A (click the Slice Options button in the Options bar). In ImageReady, open the Slice palette B (click the Slice palette icon in the Options bar).

Slice Type

Leave Slice Type set to Image if a slice contains an image you want to display. Change Slice Type to No Image to leave a sliced area blank. No Image is a good choice for auto slices that have no important image content and for areas to which you plan to add HTML text. (Rather than entering your HTML text in the text box that appears, add it later in a site-building program like GoLive or Dreamweaver, where you'll have more control.)


Enter a meaningful name, without spaces or odd characters, for the slice and the image file it will produce. Otherwise, the program automatically generates a complex name.


To add a link from a slice to an external Web site, type the entire URL of that site here. Links to pages in the same site are easier to add later in a site-building program.


Use the Target field to control how the browser window behaves. Enter _blank to open a linked-to page in another browser window so viewers aren't drawn away from your site. The other choices are used with frames and are best added in a site-building program.

Message Text

The content of this field appears in the status bar at the bottom of a Web browser when a viewer mouses over the sliced area. Use it to offer extra information to viewers.

Alt Tag

Use Alt Tag to add identifying information to an Image slice for non-sighted visitors.


These settings add file dimensions to the HTML code. They're available only for user slices.

Slice Background Type

Use this field to add a color behind a No Image slice or a transparent GIF. 

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