Friday, August 20, 2010

Workspace presets

The workspace presets shown in the middle right of the application bar are quick ways to change the layout of the panels and tools in Photoshop, depending on the task you are performing. When you select a preset, the panel layouts are adjusted so you have easier access to the tools that are typically used for the selected task. Presets are selected by clicking the name or the double arrows and selecting one of the options from the drop-down menu:
  • New in CS5: This displays the panel icons for panels with new features in CS5, such as the new 3D tools, paint brush, the paragraph and character presets, and Mini Bridge.
  • Essentials: The Essentials preset gives you full access to the most commonly used panels in Photoshop, including the navigation, swatches, and layers panels.
  • Design: The Design preset gives you the more common graphic design panels, such as the swatch, character, and paragraph panels.
  • Painting: The Painting preset makes the paint brush and brush presets readily available.
  • Photography: The Photography preset provides the histogram and adjustments panels that make it easy to apply adjustments to photographs.
  • 3D: The 3D preset displays the 3D, Mask, and Layers panels that are used heavily when working with 3D objects.
  • Motion: The Motion preset displays the Animation {Timeline} and Clone Source panels that are frequently used in animation.
  • Reset/New/Delete: When you select a workspace preset and then adjust the panels, Photoshop remembers those adjustments so you don’t have to make them each time you start the application. The Reset option restores the currently selected workspace to the original settings so you can start over with a fresh set of panels. The Create option allows you to save the current panel layout as your own custom workspace. The new workspace then shows up in the list. The Delete option deletes the currently selected workspace preset.
In this tutorial:
  1. Photoshop Workspace 
  2. Workspace Overview 
  3. The Document Workspace 
  4. The Application Bar 
  5. The Workspace Presets 
  6. The Toolbox and Tool Options Bar 
  7. Cruising Main Menus 
  8. Understanding Panels 
  9. Understanding Tools in Toolbox 
  10. Using Presets 
  11. Setting Preferences 
  12. Interface Preferences 
  13. File Handling Preferences 
  14. Transparency Gamut Preferences 
  15. Customizing Shortcuts and Menus 

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